Quakers - The Religious Society of Friends

Our Philosophy

There is that of God in every person.
Religion is about the whole of life.
We meet in stillness to discover a deeper sense of God's presence.
True spirituality leads to a respect for the earth and all life upon it.
Each person is unique, precious, a child of God.
All people are equal before God.

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Our Belief

The belief that all people have that of God within them is a cornerstone of Quaker faith and practice. It is the reaching out to 'that of God' that brings motivation and purpose as Friends address their relationship with God, themselves and, others. The Quaker way of life - dedication to non-violence, to service, and to tolerance and understanding - is a reflection of these beliefs.

Quakers do not consider that ultimate authority can reside in a church or other organization, nor do they regard the words of the Bible, or any other writing, as final authority. Quakers rely on continuing revelation and a personal understanding of God, and as a group, seek out God's direction and guidance.

Worship is our response to an awareness of God. We can worship alone, but when we join with others in expectant waiting we may discover a deeper sense of God's presence. We seek a gathered stillness in our meetings for worship so that all may feel the power of God's love drawing us together and leading us.

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When: Edmonton Meeting meets every first day (Sunday) at 10:30 AM. Everyone is welcome.

Location: Strathcona 10831 University Avenue, Edmonton, Alberta

Contact information: edmontonquakers@shaw.ca